Jan Bachmann is born on the 30th August 1994 in Lucerne.
At the age of 12, he discovered his passion for music and drumming.
He began teaching with Pit Furrer in Kriens. 
Followed by hours with the teachers Christoph Estermann and
Iwan Jenny, where he was specifically subsidised for the entrance examination of Swiss military music.
After completing his vocational apprenticeship as a carpenter,
Jan Bachmann took up his recruting school for
Swiss military music in 2016.
He realised that the focus should then be on the music.
Jan passed a new entrance examination of military music immediately after the recruit school for admission to an army game.
The existing audition led to the Swss Army Central Band.
At the same time, he attended the preliminary course at the
Dandte Agostini Drumschool in Olten/Paris, where he passed the entrance examination for the next semester
and the began his studies with the lecturers Phillipp Schmid, Christoph Blattner, Stephan Fröhlicher and the principal Norbert (Noby) Lehmann.
In 2020, he graduated with a degree in supérieur.
Currently, the thoroughbred musician accompanies the Lucerne bands FRAMELESS, Dave Bennett and Diamond Pool Disc and is session musician for the project band of Shadow – the Icemusical.
In addition, Jan repeatedly carries out activities as a studio and/or project musician in various formations and inspires with his drumming.
He is allowed to list many major concert halls and events,
such as the Carnegie Hall in New York, the O2 World Arena in Berlin, the Culture and Congress Centre in Lucerne, the Miles Davis Hall in Montreux and many more, and who knows Jan Bachmann knows that many more will probably be following.